Medical Marijuana As A Treatment For Conjunctivitus

Conjunctivitis, a condition that is mostly referred to as pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which covers the white part of the eyeball. When a person is suffering from this condition, the outer layer and the inner layer of the eyelids are typically affected. If the eye shows symptoms of swelling, redness, irritation or itching, the most certain diagnosis would be conjunctivitis. There are some few factors that are known to cause this condition that includes bacteria, virus, chemical, allergy and autoimmune. The most common form of conjunctivitis is the one caused by a virus accounting for more than 90% of the reported cases. Although it is not considered as a clinical condition meaning that there is no need of hospitalization, this condition is highly contagious. Just a drop of fluid from an infected person is enough to infect another person. Another unpleasant factor about the disease is the uncontrollable itch and pain of the infected eye(s) that may seriously affect the daily operations of a patient.

About 3 to 6 million people in the United States get conjunctivitis every year. It can either affect a single eye or even both eyes. Typically people get better after a week or two. However, in severe cases where there is significant pain, visual loss, signs of herpes, sensitivity to light or a person is not improving after a week or two, further diagnosis and treatment may be required.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

– Reddish or Pinkish colored eyes

– Whites of the eye are swollen

– Sticky discharge coming from the eyes that make it hard to open the eyes when you wake up

– Pain while scratching

– Increased tears

Causes of Conjunctivitis

The major cause of this disorder is a bacterial, viral or allergic infection as mentioned earlier. However, the disease can also be brought by other factors that irritate it. Such factors include chlorinated water, shampoo, smoke, cosmetics or a loose eyelash rubbing against the eye.

Medical Marijuana and Conjunctivitis Pain

Pain is one of the most noticeable and most irritating symptoms of conjunctivitis. What happens to the infected eye is that it becomes tender and may ache. This is even when there is no pressure applied to it. Medical marijuana can help alleviate pain. It has some active ingredients that reduce pain sensitivity. Marijuana can help reduce moderate to the mild pain that is brought about by conjunctivitis. Research has conclusively shown that pot can be able to reduce conjunctivitis related pain.

Marijuana was used on animals to see if it will help them alleviate pain. Results showed that pain caused by inflammation was reduced. Human beings have registered the same results just like animals. Other studies have shown that marijuana helps in reducing pain caused by conjunctivitis, but then the dosage has to be right. This is because too much use of marijuana was found to increase pain instead of reducing it. Medical pot is not the only pain reliever known to do that, any painkiller used in excess may end up increasing pain.

Medical Marijuana and Inflammation Related to Conjunctivitis

Eyelid lining and swelling are the cause of discomfort related to conjunctivitis. This can be alleviated by anti-inflammatory medication. Recently conducted research about marijuana and digestive disorders shows that medical marijuana can help in reducing inflammation in the digestive system. Also, according to endocannabinoid, it also reduces inflammation on the skin. The same properties have been improved when it comes to conjunctivitis.

Medical Marijuana and Conjunctivitis Itching

Studies have reportedly shown Medical weed could be able to relieve itching. A study was done where twenty-five hundred people were given medical pot to help them relieve itching that was brought about by eczema. It was found out that more than 38% of the population were relieved from itching after three weeks. More importantly, for those people who were suffering from conjunctivitis, more than half of the population reported having been relieved from itching.

Bottom Line

It is vital to note that, one of the side effects associated with smoking pot are bloodshot eye and irritation. This means that marijuana treatment is prescribed for you, it is important that you carefully choose the means of its ingestion.

Although it might not be a complete solution for conjunctivitis, medical cannabis sure offers a simple but effective solution to patients who are suffering from this condition. And with extensive research, medical cannabis can totally heal this condition.