About Us


I am an expert at pipe restoration. As the shop and office manager at The Piperack, I personally restored over 2500 pipes in the past five years. I know how much care must be taken to properly restore a pipe.

I am a passionate collector and love pipes. I am a pipe smoker and collector, and have owned hundreds of high-end pipes from some of the best pipe companies and artisans around the world. I take great care of my own pipes and will take care of yours as if they are my own.

I will not use bleach on stems. Some people do this and don’t understand that bleach changes the composition of rubber (vulcanite) and can make stems brittle. 

I will not over-buff pipes. Many people simply don’t know how to properly buff pipes and can ruin the collector value of you fine briars. I simply will not do this! Buffing pipes is a gentle and methodical process. I take great care with all nomenclature and stem logos.

I will never buff the stem and bowl apart. Many people – both amateurs and professionals alike – will remove the stem to buff it. Doing so will cause irreversible damage to both the stem and the bowl! I take care to buff and polish the pipe assembled so that there is no rounding of the stem or shank face.

I will not change the shape or color of your pipe unless you specifically request it.  Some services will do what THEY think is best without consulting you, and by the time you find out, it’s too late!

If I get into a pipe in find damage (cracked stem or shank, char or burning in chamber etc…) – I will immediately stop all processes and contact you for further instructions and discuss options.

I will treat all your pipes equally, whether they are worth $10 or $1000, because to you, each of your pipes is priceless!

The collector comes first.  Individual work always takes preference over store accounts. I strive for fast turn-around and courteous, professional service. Most orders will be completed within five business days!

I will never over-charge for shipping. Shipping via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail in the continental US is a flat rate of $9 per order (one pipe or more), including insurance. Packages outside the continental US are charged actual cost. All overseas packages will be marked as pipe repair. I will not lie on customs forms.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.